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A large number of substances, chemicals or their combination are now classified as environmental pollutants. Despite their chemical differences, environmental pollutants have shown deleterious consequences to eco-systems and health, large-scale effects of diseases, illness, morbidity and mortality of individual living organisms.

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Industrials, resource managers and municipalities are receiving increasing pressure from population to provide solid scientific evidence of “safe-environmental” living. Eco-toxicological effects, losses of biodiversity, pollution-associated diseases and deaths are the consequences of earlier changes in basic biological and physiological processes occurring at the molecular and cellular level. Among them, oxidative stress damage plays a pivotal role, being at the cross-road where exposition to pollutant and pollution-induced health effects meet. Our services offer the detection and quantification of early biological effects upon pollution exposure by using a reliable biomarker.

OxiProteomics’ technology is capable to detect, analyze and quantify the amount of oxidatively damaged proteins (carbonylation) in any biological sample or organism, offering new solutions for bio-monitoring, pollution and environmental quality assessments.

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A special focus is placed on the use of early biomarkers of effect (oxidized proteins), which provide a means for assessing the extent and severity of potential health problems. This is crucial prior to any impact on populations and to monitor the effectiveness of any remediation processes.

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