Our technology

Innovative Proteomics approaches for protein quality

Proteins are the workhorses of our body and our good health depends on their quality. Protein oxidation (carbonylation) is an irreversible protein modification, impacting on decreased protein quality (functional & structural), implicated in aging and age related diseases.

OxiProteomics patented technologies are based on the direct and specific detection of functional high quality proteins vs. oxidatively damaged (carbonylated) in biological samples, with a remarkably specificity and sensitivity.  We can detect and quantify for the first time, the quality of thousands proteins in a single assay.

We engineered an optimized process of protein analyses adapted to different biological samples, so that every time we do it, we get exactly the same results with a high confidence level and reproducibility. Indeed, this allows us to collect large sets of results and think about data interactively, in real-time and dynamically. That’s how new ideas come up, and drive us to find novel applications in different fields.

Our motivation

Science is amazing, and a magnificent tool to understand the world around us. We are interested to know the molecular mechanisms that control our everyday life, and use them to provide solutions for healthy living and healthy aging of our society.  Our activities are sustained by intellectual freedom and creativity.

Conceived after several years of cutting edge research in aging and age-related diseases, we aim to translate fundamental knowledge to everyday life applications.  Our motivation is to make an important impact to improve life quality. Most importantly, we understand that working together can expand possibilities and capabilities.

Our partners