Healthy diet is necessary for a long healthy life and consumers are concerned about the importance of food quality and safety. High nutritional food is the key to assure normal body composition and function throughout life. Hence, there is a need for the food industry to meet consumers’ demands.

Food protein quality assessment

Proteins are essentials in our diet. Furthermore, they play a major role in foods from nutritional, sensory and technological points of view. Food protein oxidation process has negative effects such as the impairment of their nutritional value, sensory attributes, functionality and digestibility. The intake of foods with low levels of oxidized proteins protects body damages and reduced the risk of suffering health disorders such as coronary-heart diseases, neurodegenerative disorders and certain types of cancer.

By using state-of-art proteomics technologies OxiProteomics provides novel solutions to food manufacturers, authorities and consumers to evaluate and improve food protein quality.

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Marketing and Functional Claims

OxiProteomics technology allows us to develop a novel quantitative label for food nutrition facts based on the quantification of good quality proteins (unoxidized) in food samples.

After conducting a meta-analysis of 1000+ samples using laboratory patented technologies, OxiProteomics has developped for the first time a  Protein Quality Index for food proteins: from young top quality proteins (green) up to oxidatively damaged proteins (red).Supported by a wide-dynamic range and high sensibility, this Index provides a solid benchmark for determining the quality of proteins on muscle foods.

Processing improvement

Animal feeding, Industrial processing, Packaging, Transportation or storage could have consequences on protein food quality.

Our technology can detect and quantify these impacts on the final product at different steps during industrial process giving food manufacturers a new tool to improve the quality of proteins in the final product. Oxiproteomics proposes an innovative way to evaluate product shelf life and preservation strategies.

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For the first time, you can quantify the quality of food proteins and their effects, paving the road to the development of so-called ‘functional food’, ‘nutraceuticals’, or simply a way to study diets and other interventions, aimed at preventing or solving health problems.

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