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OxiProteomics was conceived after several years of cutting edge research in the early molecular events related to aging, age related diseases, and oxidative stress. We deliver proven science to support efficient interventions in personal & health care. We also offer environmental quality bio-monitoring solutions to promote sustainable development.

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Why assessing molecular biomarkers for well-being and healthy longevity?

Biomarkers are pivotal in the One Health concept, which emphasizes the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health. By serving as indicators of shared health threats across species and ecosystems, biomarkers play a crucial role in early detection, and intervention efficacy assessment. They enable to track environmental exposures, and monitor the impact of interventions on both human and animal populations. Biomarker data facilitate collaborative efforts between human and veterinary medicine, environmental science, and public health, ultimately promoting holistic approaches to health management that prioritize the well-being and healthy longevity of humans, animals, and the environment alike.

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