Oxi-DIGE: validated technology for dermo-cosmetic efficacy testing

The Oxi-DIGE technology is based on the direct and specific fluorescent labeling of carbonylated proteins from biological samples, providing a direct assessment and reliable quantification of the level of oxidatively damaged proteins.


Why is so important to improve the efficacy of anti-aging treatments?

Aging is the main risk factor of many degenerative diseases and also cancer, that are referred as to age-associated diseases.

Slowing down aging is therefore expected to contribute to the healthy aging of the human population and to postpone the occurrence of these age-related diseases. Hence, a better assesment of the protective qualities of skin products is mandatory for improving their efficacy.


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How to determine which ingredients or products protect the skin from accelerated ageing? 

Which indicators should be offered to customers in order to help them for choosing dermo-cosmetics anti-ageing products ?

Unprecedented method in the world of beauty and skin health, the patented technology developed by Oxiproteomics, finally identifies and quantifies the extent of skin protection and recovery


Our offer is compatible with any biological sample and models :